Autumn and Winter 2020

Letter to All Guests of the Cedar House and Stella Restaurant

This year has been one of challenge and adaptation. Jeff and I are so proud of how our staff adjusted to our new normal. Tirelessly and without complaint, our team followed all safety guidelines and protocols to create not only a protected environment, but a happy and calming space for both our guests and fellow teammates.  All of us here at Cedar House and Stella are grateful for the trust that our guests bestowed upon us. This gave our team the opportunity to operate all summer with a feeling of normalcy and joy, despite having to mask up and social distance.

Our campus style design gave us plenty of outdoor areas to properly distance. With our garden patios, our guests were able to sit and enjoy both dining and relaxing in the fresh open air. As the weather now shifts to autumn and soon to winter, the colder temperatures will force us back indoors.

COVID 19 presents challenges that no business, nor restaurant can solve entirely. Each of us must calculate our own levels of risk and comfort– be it as a guest, or a business owner. With that said, and with all that we have learned these past months, we believe that safety is possible when managed properly. Our goal at Cedar House is to continue creating a safe space that permits our guests to enjoy our mountain region throughout winter. Effective October 15th, 2020, Stella’s indoor dining will go on a temporary “winter hibernation”.  Now don’t fret – Chef Lupe’s delicious creations will still be available online throughout our interim “hibernation” period.

For guests of the Cedar House, you will be able to order your breakfast online and have it delivered to your guest room. You will also have that same option for dinner Thursday thru Sunday. For the General public, Stella’s awesome breakfast offerings will be available to order online with pick up at our counter or curbside. Our full Seasonal Dinner menu will be available online for pickup.

To reiterate, our indoor dining “hibernation” is transitory.  With constantly changing guidelines, we feel at times that we have to play multi-dimensional chess, which means that we have to make decisions that work for many scenarios, including “rule modifications” that seem to breeze in with short notice. We have to be both careful and flexible.

We designed our open kitchen restaurant to be welcoming, radiating warmth and energy the moment you step inside. We look forward to the day we reopen our dining room for indoor seating. We hope this move assures you that your safety and well-being is still, and always will be, our top priority.

With Gratitude and Appreciation,

Jeff and Patty Baird – Owner/Director
Lupe Solis – Executive Chef Stella Restaurant
The Entire Team of Cedar House and Stella Restaurant

Operational Plan for COVID 19 for Cedar House and Stella